About our store

MEABOOKS INC. was created in 1997 with the purpose of supplying books from less-accessible regions of the world. Its business model have been heavily influenced by Hogarth Representation - a successful Africana bookseller based in London, UK, which remains our major business partner. Just like HR, we rely on frequent personal visits to Africa and other places to obtain publications from local authors, publishers, NGOs, learned societies, university departments, research associations - works that are often published in small numbers and not distributed outside the country of publication. 

We sell books, periodicals, and audiovisual materials - mostly from Africa, but also from Central Asia, Russia and parts of the Middle East. While our books are primarily in English, French and Portuguese, we also offer comprehensive coverage of African materials published in Arabic, Amharic, Swahili and many other vernacular languages.

Since 2014 we launched a publishing project. It aims to identify important works in the area of African Studies that are either out of print or under-represented in the West and produce new editions  that would be accessible to our direct customers and also available through various distribution channels. 
Recent Meabooks editions (reprints).
Our customers include university and research libraries in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany and other countries. We supply books on Blanket Orders and Approval Plans. African periodicals (including newspapers) are supplied on standing orders. We also circulate subject catalogs (mostly on African languages and linguistics, and also on Christianity, Islam and Traditional Religion in Africa). Further details and sign-up forms are available upon request.